Summer 2013 Catch-Up

While the summer season brings about an awesomely long vacation (for those of us in the US at least) it also puts a long hold on some of our favorite shows. So yes, it is heartbreaking that we have to wait a whole three/four months for the re-start of our shows (which almost always leave us at massive cliff-hangers), but it does lend itself to some great summer TV. So here’s a re-cap of what we saw this summer:

Under the Dome

This June saw the start of a few new shows, one of them being CBS’s Under the Dome. Based off of the novel by Stephen King, Under the Dome takes place in a small town in the US. One day, a giant dome randomly falls, trapping the people of the town (and some just passing through) under it. This show is suspenseful, and although there are a lot of characters, the story pulls them all together in a great way. Not only do they keep the mystery going, but the mystical quality of where the dome came from also keeps me baffled at the same time. This is a serious must see if you haven’t seen it before.

Teen Wolf

To be completely honest, I was so mad at myself for getting into this show. It seemed so stupid to me, but I couldn’t stop watching. This season was not only packed (pun totally intended) with action and drama, but we saw something new in the pack of Alphas. I think out of everything, my favorite part of the season was the relationship development between Stiles and Scott. Their bromance has always been prominent, but this season they touched upon the fact that they are more like brothers than friends. The episode at the motel when Stiles talks Scott down “from the ledge” so to speak has to be one of the most moving episodes of the entire series. This adds to my own personal opinion that it’s the relationships that keep me watching, rather than the werewolf storyline itself.

Pretty Little Liars

All I can say is HOLY WOW. This summer’s season finale was probably the most shocking reveal of A there has been. Just incase some of you haven’t watched the show and want to, or haven’t caught up, I wont ruin it for you. But I will say that even though this person was suspected before, I haven’t considered him/her in a long time. And as nervous as I am about keeping the show running longer than it needs to, they’re doing a decent job keeping me interested.


Another new show we got this summer was BBC’s Broadchurch. It takes place in the small costal town in England, and follows the lives of the townspeople after the unexpected murder of a young boy. Even though this show has already aired completely for those of you in the UK, those of us here have still not figured out who it was exactly that killed Danny Latimer. With each episode we follow the lives and uncover new secrets of almost everyone in town. Next Wednesday, the season finale will air for us here, and we’ll finally learn who exactly did it. I’m not the biggest fan of mystery shows (they stress me out, thanks PLL), but I would definitely suggest you watch this one ASAP.


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