Ravenswood Trailer Released


Today ABC Family gave the world a look at their upcoming Pretty Little Liars spin off show, Ravenswood. To be totally honest I was really skeptical about this at first. I have a love-hate relationship with Pretty Little Liars, and when I heard about the new show I was mad for two reasons: 1) Caleb was either leaving PLL or going to be on it less (both of which I am not completely sure about) and 2) It seemed like just another way for them to make money off of the story-line. But as far as I can tell I was wrong.

This evening Pretty Little Liars, and now Ravenswood star Tyler Blackburn (@tylerjblackburn) tweeted the link to the show’s facebook page, where the trailer was posted. This show seems completely different then Pretty Little Liars. The plot seems interesting and compelling, and as much as I hate mystery shows (due to my impatience) I can already tell this show is going to have me hooked. Seems to me there will be a lot of walking through graveyards with creepy statues. Don’t blink, Caleb.

The pilot airs on ABC Family October 22. 

Trailer and picture used above can be found at www.facebook.com/Ravenswood.


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