Save Henry


Once Upon A Time is one of the few shows I’ve watched from the very beginning. From the series premier to this third season opening I have spent every Sunday night leaning toward the TV to see which fairytale they’ll recount. And tonight was no different. While every cliffhanger has left us with a desperate desire to know what happens next this one is different, because this time we got our first real look inside the magical world. [Warning: This article does contain spoilers for the season premier.]

The first thing that seems pretty evident is that we’re going to see more of Neil! Which is good, because I think he and Emma are so cute together and I just want everyone to be a big happy family. And I want everyone to stop having to “find” each other. I must say though, on the trip to Neverland Emma and Hook were sending out some major vibes. I guess we’ll all just have to see where that goes. But the major focus of this episode wasn’t who Emma’s gonna be with. No. No the main focus was so much more bad-ass than that: Peter Pan.

Folks let me tell you, Peter Pan’s story doesn’t seem to be a thing like the story we all know and love. For once, Peter isn’t the adorable, innocent, fun loving little Jeremy Sumpter that doesn’t want to grow up. This Peter is like that Peter’s weird cousin that didn’t get enough attention as a baby; one that likes running a child abduction ring and has a desire to possess “the heart of a true believer.” That’s weird Peter. You should get some help.

So as far as this season goes I am really looking forward to two things. 1) Henry figuring out what it’s really like to be in the world he read about for so long. And 2) Finding out where they take this whole Peter Pan plot (Obviously).

They said it in the catch-up episode before the premier and they were right. Forget about everything you think you know because wherever they’re going with Peter Pan, it’s not only going to be completely unexpected, but completely amazing. And judging by Peter’s last line (As Jennifer Morrison so nicely reminded us), creepy as ever.

So what do you guys think? Who do you think we’re going to end up meeting this season? Ariel maybe? Wendy Darling? More Mulan characters because they’re the coolest? Comment and let me know what you think!


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