Top Five Favorite Supernatural Characters

Welcome to the first post of our first ever CW Week! And our second ever Tuesday Top Five. Here’ a countdown of my favorite Supernatural characters. This list does not include Sam, Dean or Cas. They automatically made it to the top, and that’s boring. I feel like it’s way cooler to see what the best minor characters are. So here we go!

5. Gabriel


Finding out that the Trickster was Gabriel was one of my favorite plot-twists. The Angels seem so serious all of the time, so Gabriel’s sense of humor is refreshing. And the fact that he wants to give God as much hell as Lucifer (without being evil of course) mixes everything up a little. He keeps the Angels interesting.

4. Kevin Tran


Who doesn’t love Kevin Tran? I mean he’s in advanced placement. I think the main reason I love him is because of his kick-ass character arch. He goes from being terrified of everything to being completely unafraid of Crowley, the king of HELL. It’s because of his extreme nerdiness that I think he would make an amazing best friend to Sam. He could be Sam’s Charlie.

3. Chuck


I have always been so fascinated by Chuck. At first, I just loved him because he was so awkward and funny and had no idea what was going on, but in the end I grew to love him because if his devotion to Sam and Dean and their story. Plus, the way they ended him as a character has left me with so many questions and theories that it drives me crazy. And I love stuff like that.

2. Charlie Bradbury


I live for the days where Felicia Day makes her appearances on Supernatural. Not only do I love her in general, I love how casual about her being gay. I also love the sibling-type relationship between her and Dean. Amidst all of the show’s craziness, Charlie is there to represent the fangirl at her finest.

1. Bobby Singer


Bobby made it to the top of my list for one simple reason: he’s the most important person to the boys. He was their father when they had none. I cried harder at Bobby’s death than any other on this show. So much so, that my roommate and her boyfriend walked in, looked at me, and judged me hard-core.

So what do you guys think? Agree? Disagree? Vote for your number one in the poll below! Or if it’s someone not on my list feel free to comment who you think is the best. 


3 thoughts on “Top Five Favorite Supernatural Characters

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