CW Bloopers Galore

It makes me a little sad that CW Week has to end. I really like celebrating these shows, but alas there are other things to discuss, and at least we still get to see the shows every week. So while, admittedly, I had no idea what I wanted to do for the end of the week  surprise, I decided why not mix it up with some videos? How about some bloopers today? Everybody loves bloopers!


“How can you like a guy with hair like this?”

I couldn’t find any without the subtitles but hey it doesn’t make it any less funny. 


How do they even get any filming done seriously I love it.

Now, since the Tomorrow People is, like, super new, there’s obviously no bloopers. So to take its place, please enjoy this amazing video I found on Tumblr a few weeks ago. It’s just a masterpiece. Any fans of Superwhovenger…torch…lock? I think I got all of them in there? Well anyway, any of you fans of that will surely love today’s bonus vid


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