Why Sam’s Season 9 Development is Already Heart Breaking

We can all breathe guys. Supernatural has finally started up with its regular schedule again. Last week’s premier showed a lot of promise, and with Tuesday night’s episode I am pretty confident in saying that this season is going to rock. Like episode one says, “I think I’m gonna like it here”.

The last few seasons of Supernatural had me worried. I still loved it, and I watched like crazy, but the plot wasn’t as riveting as they had been. Season 5 was the peak of its storyline, and I feel like it has been steadily getting a little less interesting. This season, though, seems like they’re moving in a whole different direction. No more of the plain demon hunting or angel fighting. They’ve added a little bit of spice to the life of the Winchester brothers. Especially to Sam’s character development.

Sam in general is having a hard time coping with everything he’s done. At the end of Season Eight when he and Dean had that talk about how many time’s he’s messed up and disappointed Dean my heart broke a million times. In last week’s premier, my heart broke a million more times at the thought that Sam actually wanted to die. It’s a hard blow, to think about all of the times they’ve come back for each other when in reality Sam’s never wanted to come back in the first place. But I think Jared Padaleki is doing a wonderful job portraying that anguish Sam feels. This new development of his character shows a very real sibling relationship. As brothers, Sam and Dean are very different, Dean portraying the protective older brother and Sam the younger one in need of guidance. It brings things back to basic brotherly relationships–Sam is constantly striving to impress his brother, and letting him down as much as he does is literally destroying him.

Angel Sam

Angel Sam

I think this is going to make their bro-relatioship (brolationship?) stronger. If that’s even possible. I mean come on how much more adorable can they get? More probably. What do I know.

On a completely opposite note, the aftermath of Dean’s decision to heal Sam can very well be CATASTROPHIC. As much as Sam and Dean talking about their feelings can strengthen their relationship, Dean’s actions can destroy it. I mean, not completely. They’ve been in places like this before and made it out alive (not literally). But this is obviously going to blow up in his face. It’s just a matter of when.

It’s refreshing to see a season being more Sam focused, because I do love Sam. I feel like they switch off a lot, but my memory can only recall a lot of Dean-heavy seasons. Dean is admittedly my favorite brother (by a fraction I love them both so much, my favorite really depends on the day) but I feel like Sam always gets the short end of the stick. I mean yeah, Dean lost Ben and Lisa, and was stuck in Hell and Purgatory. But Sam lost the love of his life too, and was addicted to demon blood, and had to go through the trials, and was trapped in the cage with the devil himself, and lost his soul. And probably more that I can’t think of right now.

I am extremely excited about this season, and everything that’s going to go down. Like episode one said, “I think I’m going to like it here.” 


Sam picture from kissthemgoodbye.net

Title picture from screencapped.net


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