A First Look at ‘Ravenswood’


We’ve seen glimpses of the town of Ravenswood in this past season of Pretty Little Liars, but the mystery of this Hitchcock-esque town is continuing in ABC Family’s new show. Named after the town itself, this show follows PLL’s Caleb Rivers to the town as he searches for the answers to a bunch of different mysteries. It could skyrocket to fame, it could flop, we really have no idea at this point. But either way, let’s take a look at the first impressions of the show that aired Tuesday night.

I had decently high hopes for Ravenswood. I’ll be the first to admit that Pretty Little Liars isn’t exactly great in the quality department, but it pulls me in week after week. I guess with these types of series it isn’t so much about the acting and plot as it is about finding out who did it. That’s all I really want to know. With Ravenswood, it’s the same.

normal_ravenswood101-0051As beginnings go, it wasn’t great. Now, the first time I watched this I saw it before watching the Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special. That being said, I was completely lost. Turns out a lot of pretty important stuff happened in that special and I kind of needed that to understand this pilot (Next week we’ll discuss that episode). Caleb and this other foster girl Miranda find their names and pictures on old headstones, and while he is supposed to head back to Rosewood to be with Hanna, Caleb decides to stay to figure out this eerie mystery.


Caleb and Miranda don’t seem to be the only ones entangled in Ravenswood’s creepy mysteries. Remmy, the daughter of the local newspaper editor, noticed a strange string of student deaths that took place after soldiers came home from remarkable survivals. Brother and sister Luke and Olivia’s father was murdered, possibly by their mother. And on the car ride home from that night’s parade the five teens find themselves flung off the road into a river. Unlike Allison’s murder being the center mystery, Ravenswood’s mystery seems to be centered around the paranormal, which I must admit I do love. So we’ll see where this goes. It’s hard to think there will be yet another frustrating mystery show I’ll have to devote my time too, but they’re so dang addicting.

So what did you guys think? Comment and let me know!

P.S. Any Supernatural fans out there notice Brock Kelley? I sure did get excited about mini-Dean. 

Pictures found at www.screencapped.net


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