Top Five Marvel Movie Heroes

In lieu of Thor: The Dark World’s release US release this Friday, this Tuesday Top Five is dedicated to the greatness that is the Marvel Heroes. They’re all important parts of a whole. Each character brings something important to team, but let’s see which individuals make the countdown.

5. Thor


I know people didn’t really love the first Thor movie, but I found it hilarious. But hilarity aside I find the mythology aspect of him and his brother a great addition to the stories. His complete lack of knowledge of earth and it’s people is adorable, and his transformation from warrior to leader was an important one. It brought the idea of a superhero back onto a realistic level. True, he has the ability to control lightening, and is ridiculously strong, but that means nothing if he isn’t a good person. (Of course I’m using that word lightly, he is technically a god). Those basic human traits that he gains at the end of his movie help reenforce the idea that being a superhero isn’t about power, it’s about doing good.

4. Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow 


This choice was made purely out of girl-power. Who doesn’t love the Black Widow?  She kicks ass and she looks good doing it, and while it can be said that her skin-tight outfit and awesome body is just the movie’s attempt to create that sexy character for all the guys out there to enjoy watching, I think she’s a hell of a lot more than that. Maybe it’s just because I’m a woman, but I think that while watching the movie you get more of a sense of what a great fighter she is than anything else. She’s a boost to feminism in a franchise full of men. What’s not to love?

3. Steve Rogers/Captain America


Captain America is one of my favorite superheroes in general because of the whole, stereotypical, good guy, moral compass thing. (He’s probably number one actually, but we’re talking about more than personal preference). And hey as an American I’m all for good ol’ fashion American values. Especially today when we’ve lost so many of them. Captain America was created during a time of war when the country needed to remember those values he stands for, and his revival in these movies come at a similar time. He stands for everything about people that is good: that we do things because their right and for no other reason.

2. Loki


Out of all of the characters in all of the Marvel movies, the depth of Loki’s character has no rival. Sure, they make sure most of the villains have some sort of back story that explains why they are the way they are, but Loki is like the poster-giant for the phrase “Villains aren’t born their made”. I mean, in the first Thor movie alone we see how living in Thor’s shadow affected him over all of those years, and how the circumstances behind his “adoption” (kidnapping?) just reinforced his feelings of not being good enough. Okay okay, I’m getting all psychological I know, but come on guys this stuff is gold! He’s the one villain in the Marvel movies that you want to hate but you just can’t do it.

1. Tony Stark/Iron Man


Let’s be honest, Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man is one of the best cases of “this actor is 100% his character”. Downey Jr. makes the Iron Man movies so easy to watch. It’s not a matter of fabulous actor (which I think he is), but it’s a matter of making his character so fun to watch. Between his snarky, sarcastic mocking to his I-can-do-whetever-the-hell-I-want attitude, Tony Stark is that character that you hate to love. If I ran up to someone with similar personality traits in real life, I’d want to kill him, but for some reason it makes him that much more interesting. He’s not your typical stoic, save the world types. He’s just guy that’s kind of an ass-hole that somehow managed to be a hero.

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