‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ in Danger?


Is our favorite super, secret, superhero, spy team in danger? It’s been but a few weeks since the series premier of ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and TV critics alike are seeing a downward spiral in the future of the show. This week, Ryan Faughnder of the LA Times reported that ratings fell 12% in the 18-49 year-old demographic, leading to a 2.2 rating, the lowest yet. So here’s the question: is one of the most sought after shows of 2013 doomed to end up a one hit wonder?

I hope not.

There may still be some hope. Critic Tim Goodman says that the show is in “grave danger” but “hanging on”. As long as the episodes get better, and fast, then there may still be a chance for this show’s survival. And we all want that. Marvel is on it’s A-game when it comes to it’s movie releases, so far raking in over $100 mil at the box office for Thor: The Dark World. But maybe a tad more attention should be given to this new prime-time show. Individually, each episode seems to be pretty good, but not good enough. The overall arch seems decent, between the mysteries behind both Coulson and Skye and whether or not Skye is really with them or not. But the big picture isn’t always enough. Each individual episode doesn’t seem to be focusing enough on superheroes to me. Maybe if they introduce a new one every few episodes and give us a few weeks of each person. That way we can get a little more attached, and want to tune in each week.

Either way, the numbers don’t lie. So no matter how emotionally invested I am in Fitzsimmons or Coulson, or the wonderful relationships that are starting to form, I won’t want to keep up with a show that’s not keeping me hooked. So let’s hope it only get better from here.


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