Lindsey Watches: Parks and Recreation Season 1

“My Roommate Made Me Do This”


Normally when I choose a show to watch I’m excited about it, but with this one I was totally only doing it because of all her nagging. And when I watched the first show I was seriously bored. But she kept persisting, so I kept watching in hopes that it would get a little better. I had nothing to watch, after all, and I was desperate.

In the end I was sure glad I did. He first season is short, so there’s not much to go off at first. But it did keep me watching on, right into Season Two. Which is good for now, right?

I loved the cast, and individually I loved each character. I’ve always been a fan of Amy Poehler but aside from SNL I had never seen much else. The character of Leslie Knope is adorable, in a sickly positive kind of way. But hey that’s what gives her all of her charm right? The show itself is funnier than a lot of comedy shows that I’ve seen. Maybe it’s the satirical portrayal of government (big and small), or the scarily accurate depiction of people who are ruled under the government that sets Park and Recreation apart from the typical sitcoms of our generation. Whatever it is, it sure is refreshing, but still not as “hilarious” that most people I know claim. I chalk it up to the “Season One Defect”. Nothing is ever at it’s best in its first season. So stay tuned for the Season Two opinions. Hopefully, things pick up. Let’s make my roommate right to have forced me to watch this, shall we?

Favorite Character: Leslie Knope

Cop out answer, I know but hey there aren’t many episodes.

Favorite Episode: “Canvasing”

Those public forums are just always fun to witness. 


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