Psych Pulls Off A Wonderful Musical Special


Have yourself a very psychic Christmas. Following closely behind the Doctor Who Christmas Special, “Psych The Musical” has held the number spot on the December specials I’m excited for list for a while. Keep in mind, I’ve only been a fan for a few months now. But I feel like I’ve been watching it for years. I got through all six seasons they had on Netflix fairly quickly because of how entertaining and addictive the relationships were. And with its silliness and the adorable pokes at themselves, “Psych: the Musical” was well worth the wait.

This musical, according to executive producer, Steve Franks, was talked about for all seven seasons, and it is only now that we are witnessing its greatness. The music, which was all written by Franks, allowed the characters to stay close to who they were. The songs kept individual spirit alive, like Shawn’s quick wit, Gus’ scared, defensive humor, and Lassiter’s attitude. It was that ability is what made it so successful. In musicals, humor can sometimes be harder to spot, especially to people who don’t watch them often. This way it had something for everyone, musical lovers and just plain Psych fans.

The investigation followed Z, a man accused of murdering a critic and burning down the theatre of a Ripper play in the late 90s. Z, played by Anthony Rapp, and the notorious villain Yang take the Psych team on an adventure filled with chases, plot twists, and of course, the occasional musical number. A few of Psych’s classic jokes made their way in there as well, such as the pineapple in the opening track “Santa Barbara Skies”, the typical “This is my partner (insert ridiculous name here)”, and a song devoted to Shawn’s ever common phrase “I’ve Heard It Both Ways”.

The music itself, which is now available to listen to on Spotify, was impressive for a television show special. It kept to classic musical theatre, weaving in common themes to keep it flowing rather than just throwing in some songs. If the producers, directors and everyone else working on the show had not kept up with such important details, it could have gone in a completely different direction–one that wouldn’t be received as well.

Overall, while it wasn’t the most interesting episode in terms of case, it was wildly entertaining. Having not taken themselves too seriously, the show created a lovable, fun, musical experience. If you haven’t already, I highly suggest catching it online or on demand, however you possibly can. For all of the Psych-Os out there, congratulations. It was very good television, indeed.


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