Tuesday Top Five: Christmas Specials

Happy Holidays everyone!

I hope your holiday season is filled with great things this year. This time of year I always get sentimental about Christmas specials they show on TV. Even now I find myself most excited for the shows in December than the actual holiday. I guess it’s more about the spirit of the season than anything else right? So let’s take a look at which specials fill me with the most holiday cheer. 

5. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

“I’m cute, I’m cute! She said I’m cute!” I know it’s extremely outdated, but it’s a classic! There’s nothing better than RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEERthat cheesy looking claymation that was oh so popular in the 60s. I remember every Christmas we’d decorate the tree, pull this VHS out and have a grand ol’ time getting ready for the season. I haven’t actually seen it in years, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hold a special place in my heart. It’s a very well known story, and one of the original portrayals on film. No matter how old I get I will love this special


4. A Rugrats Chanukah

So no, it isn’t a Christmas special, but the Rugrats Hanukkah special is so much better than their Christmas special. I courtesy Nickelodeontv - Rugrats (Channukah episode)can remember sitting in Sunday School watching it to explain to us how the holiday worked. Tommy’s grandma tells them the story behind Hanukkah, and the babies imagine themselves as the characters. Within the show, Tommy’s grandpa Boris puts on his own show, portraying the main character of Judah. The show contains a lot of silly antics, much like many of their episodes, and a few different escape plans, and a whole lot of chaos.


3. A Charlie Brown Christmas

A Charlie Brown Christmas is iconic. It’s a true holiday classic. I find it hard to believe that there are people out there a-charlie-brown-christmas-singingthat wouldn’t recognize something from the show, whether it be the sad tree, the epic dance scene or their rendition of “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”. No Christmas is complete without the Peanuts gang.There’s something about the depressing overtones of the show turning into happiness that fill me with Christmas cheer. You don’t need to have extravagant things to have a good holiday.All you need are good friends. and even the most negative people (I’m looking at you, Charlie Brown) can have a happy holiday.


2. The Muppets Christmas Carol

My personal favorite version of The Christmas Carol. What’s better than Kermit the Frog and Michael Kane working 47306together in 19th century London? Answer: very few things. The special itself is like a weird mix of depressing and hilarious. But I mean, you can’t do anything with the Muppets that isn’t the tiniest bit funny, so it makes sense. The thing that makes this movie stick out to me is the sarcastic humor and catchy songs. “We’re Marley and Marley” get’s stuck in my head year round, and I think it just makes for a fun, classic, holiday experience.


1. Hey Arnold! – “Arnold’s Christmas”

Hey Arnold! isn’t a classic. In fact I bet very few people think to watch it every year. But as for my family, it’s a tradition. And by tradition I mean my older brother and I watch it once he gets home and my parents will sometimes AC2sit and join us but rarely every care. Hey Arnold! was my favorite show as a kid, and a few years ago when I got the first season on DVD for I was reminded of how amazing it was. Now, Christmas just doesn’t feel complete without it.  I  love it. And I think the reason for this is simple. The episode doesn’t focus on presents, or “saving Christmas” like a lot of children’s shows do. Instead it focuses on what I think is the meaning of the whole season: doing good by others. In a Secret Santa gift swap Arnold doesn’t want to get his housemate the typical sweater or tie. Instead, he spends all Christmas Eve trying to reunite Mr. Hyunh with his daughter, who he gave  to soldiers in Vietnam in hopes of finding her when he got to the U.S. Although he tried everything, Arnold still came up empty-handed. And it wasn’t until Helga Pataki (the mean girl) gave up the one present she really wanted to the bitter old man at the Town Hall  that he agreed to help. The end is filled with reuniting and lots of tears from everyone, and it really shows the true meaning of Christmas. Not material things, but making other people happy.

So my wish for you on this  Christmas Eve is to think about what really means a lot to you. Spend your time with friends and family and remember that this time of year isn’t about the new video game you want or the clothes or the electronics. It’s about being happy, and striving to make those  you love feel the same. Go out and spread some Christmas cheer my friends.

Happy Holidays,


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