Lindsey Watches: Parks and Recreation Season Two

“Ron Swanson is my Spirit Animal”


We all come to a point in our lives where we have an important choice to make. Do we risk our valuable time and watch the second season of a decent show in hopes that it will get better? Or do we let it go and hope that the thought of what happens for the rest of the show doesn’t haunt us for the rest of our lives? In this case, I pressed on. And I was very glad I did.

There are many comedies that I watch and enjoy, but there are very few that make me laugh consistently. “Parks and Recreation” does just that. With it’s “Office” like documentary style shots, and the chemistry between the characters, this show really does keep me laughing. In addition to that, it has this way of getting into my brain with it’s quirky quotes and

In this second season I finally saw the characters clearly, and how every single one of them is relatable in some sort. Leslie is the upbeat, perky, fangirl side. Jerry is the clumsy, embarrassing, yet blissfully unaware side. Mark is the logical side. And Ron is the “I’m done with everyone’s shit” side. Now, obviously, there are many other great qualities characters like Tom, April, Andy and Anne have, but if I had to pick apart every single character this would get way boring.

With four times the episodes that the first season had, the overall plot was much better. There was more to look at, more character development, more story lines; all around there was just more. Season two is finally when everyone came together. Rather than having a cluster of people who act together on a TV show, we finally got to see their connections to each other. You could see that Leslie and Anne had become best friends, or that Ron and and Leslie had a strong and old friendship based on respect and trust. You could see Andy as more than just that guy that fell into the pit and plays video games on the couch all day. With this season they spent a lot of time building up the people rather than trying to focus too much on the story, which I think is exactly what it needed.

Favorite Character: Ron Swanson

The character of Ron Swanson pulls together straight-faced comedy with an “I don’t give a shit” sort of personality, and encompasses that side of us that stays hidden in our own thoughts rather than making itself known. 

Favorite Episode: Ron and Tammy

After hearing so much about his ex-wife it was fun to meet her and see their crazy relationship in action. Seeing a different side of Ron was refreshing too, and made his character even more enjoyable. Plus, I don’t know why, but their ridiculously random views on the Library and Librarians in general are not only pretty original but utterly hilarious. 


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