Tragic Death Strikes in This Week’s Teen Wolf


The promos for MTV’s “Teen Wolf” have been hinting toward a death for a few weeks now, but I don’t think anybody expected it to be one of the main characters. Warning, there are obviously spoilers beyond this point. So if you don’t wanna know who dies I strongly recommend skipping over this post.

Every time the promos played my mind always wandered to the same place. They’re trying to make us think it’s Stiles, I thought. It’s obviously not, they’re just trying to mislead us. Never in a million years did I think it was going to be anyone in the main cast. I figured, well, Kira’s new, maybe her mother, someone who hasn’t made a home within our hearts yet. I figured it was just some marketing scheme to get everyone to watch, and then some secondary character would die and it would be sad but that would be it. And then Isaac got sliced with those swords, and I thought, well, maybe it will be him? Maybe he can’t heal? And then Allison got stabbed, and I thought, oh shit! She can’t heal! What the hell is going on?! What?!

Or something like that anyway. You know…I’m paraphrasing. There were definitely that many imagined exclamation points though that’s for sure. I think the worst part, which is arguably the best part, is the fact that it was so sudden. They teased us with all of those “somebody dies” promos, and the actual death really did come out of nowhere. Normally when things like this happen it’s because someone’s leaving, which Crystal Reed decided to do, and we go into it already knowing who it’s going to be. However, they kept this fact well under wraps. The pure shock of Allison’s death is one of the reasons it was such a good choice on the writer’s part. True, it’s times like these that we fans get angry. Why did they have to kill her off? What did he ever do to deserve that? But it’s times like these that make us remember the show. It’s times like these that 20 years from now will make us say, “God do you remember how out-of-the-blue Allison’s death was? Damn, that was a good show.” In the end, a good, memorable show is all we can hope to get. And the writers know that. 

So RIP Allison Argent, you will be severely missed.


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