Daniel Sharman the Third Cast Member to Leave Teen Wolf


Photo from Zimbio.com

After the shocking death of Allison, and the death of Aiden in last night’s finale, E! Online reported today that along with his co-stars, Crystal Reed and Max Carver, Daniel Sharman will also not be returning for season 4 of Teen Wolf. In an interview with executive producer, Jeff Davis, E! explains that Sharman was ready to move on, and to try something new.

Luckily for us, Sharman asked producers that Isaac’s character not be killed off. In fact, (spoiler warning here!), after walking out the door together at the end of the finale, the story goes that he and Argent travel to France to get away from the looming memory of Allison’s death. However, in the interview, Davis made it a point to say that Argent will be back for season 4.

We sure are going to miss Isaac. While he wasn’t a main character really, he was one of my favorites.

You can find the full E! Online article here.


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