How I Met Your Mother Ends Tomorrow: Theories

How I Met Your Mother has only two episodes left until it’s nine year run comes to an end. As we’re winding down, people the internet is abuzz with theories about how it will end. How will they meet? What’s her name? What will the final episode be like? But one question that doesn’t seem to be as important in many people’s mind is one that  I’ve recently learned is pretty important: Why is Ted telling this story? I had never thought of that. It can’t just be because he wants his kids to know. Forcing them to sit on a couch for ten years is a little much for a random origin story. But it’s this question that we have to keep in mind when thinking about how the story will end, and what think is the reason he’s telling it.

Now, these theories are purely speculation, and I have in no way heard that any of these are actually fact. But it will be interesting to see if they are, because I think it will end the show with a bang, and give it the strong ending it deserves.

The most talked about theory that I’ve come across over my web searching is the idea that the mother is, in fact, dead. A few weeks ago, when I was catching up with the episodes I’d missed on NBC’s website, I was struck with the heartbreaking thought that this was actually true. Toward the tail end of March 3rd’s episode, “Vesuvius”, the mother and Ted have a teary conversation over their dinner. While it flows through lighthearted and comic, like most HIMYM episodes, it takes a very serious turn. “I don’t want you to be the guy that lives in his stories,” the mother tells Ted with a sad smile. “Life only moves forward.” There is something unspoken between them in that moment. When she asks, “What mother misses her daughter’s wedding?” Ted begins to cry. They glaze over this, and don’t spend too much time divulging details about the situation, but once I had this scene in my mind, and the idea that something must have been seriously wrong with the mother, it opened my eyes to the show as a whole.

One scene sticks out in my mind, and it wasn’t until reading this article written by Miriam Krule that I remembered it.

Sure, it will hurt, and people will no doubt be angry about it. But in the long run when you look back you’re not going to say, “Remember when Ted spent nine years telling us that story and then he found the love of his life the end?” You’re going to say, “Remember when Ted spent nine years telling us that story and he finally met the love of his life but it turned out she was dead the whole time?” I just think in the long run it will make for an amazing, lasting show. Series like these don’t deserve to fizzle out. The ones that stick with us are the ones that ripped our heart out, but gave us hope along the way. The ones that stick with us are the ones that end with a bang.

Keep in mind, I wrote this article a while ago and realized I had never posted it. So if any new info has arisen, it is not included in this article. 


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