Top Five Favorite Bromances

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The Day is Finally Here!

Happy 50th everyone! So sadly, I do not get BBC America here at school, and I was working all day anyway. So while there will most definitely be a review for the Day of the Doctor, it’s going to be a few days late. Tuesday night it should be up! If not then it will be Wednesday morning. And hopefully it was as amazing as I picture in my head.

Not to try to stay away from Tumblr for a few days. Wish me luck…

Top Five Favorite Doctor Who Episodes

Well guys, it’s almost here. Four days from now…well four days from now I will be working and missing out on the TV event of the year. But more importantly, four days from now most of the world will get to witness The Day of the Doctor! So to celebrate let’s take a look at my top five favorite episodes. (New Who of course).

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Let’s Talk Segments

Hi all!

So as you all know, this blog really is just starting out. It’s taking me a little time to get into the swing of things with how often I can fit writing these articles into my school and work time, but hopefully I’m doing okay.

One of the things I am particularly interested in is the idea of different segments. In the future I plan to maybe have some other people on this project with me so we can add a little bit more variety, but for now it’s just me. These segments will hopefully end up being things like vlogs, regular articles, countdowns. That kind of stuff. You’ve already seen my very first segment, the Tuesday Top Five, but while I haven’t planned too many out I do have some ideas for other ones. The main one right now being a segment called “Lindsey Watches…” Clever right? Seeing as, you know, my name is Lindsey and I’ll be watching. 

For this segment, rather than having posts on a specific day I’ll make posts when I finish a season of a show you guys suggest. For this first one, since I don’t have many followers yet, I’ll be watching something my brother and dad suggested I watch. Classic Doctor Who. At the end of each season I’ll write a little snip-it of what I think so far, the highs and the lows, and probably talk a lot about how different things are with the show no, because it is seriously different.

I really want this segment to be designed around what you guys are watching! That way it can give me more insight into what you wanna see on the site. Movies are welcome to if you have one you really want me to see! So leave some suggestions in the comments and let’s get this segment started!

Happy Watching,


Summer 2013 Catch-Up

While the summer season brings about an awesomely long vacation (for those of us in the US at least) it also puts a long hold on some of our favorite shows. So yes, it is heartbreaking that we have to wait a whole three/four months for the re-start of our shows (which almost always leave us at massive cliff-hangers), but it does lend itself to some great summer TV. So here’s a re-cap of what we saw this summer:

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Top Five Favorite Shows of All Time

Welcome to the first ever Tuesday Top Five! I have a lot of TT5 ideas already (bromances, characters, episodes, etc) but since we’re all still getting to know each other here, I figured I’d keep it simple. So today, I list my top five favorite shows of all time. Now, I’m sure I’m going to slap my forhead later and remember a rather important show that should have made the list, but for now this is it. Drumroll please…here’s my favorite five shows!

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