Finally, after months of going going going I am done! Here’s the checklist:

Finals: check.

Graduation: check.

Vacation: check.

New job: check.

Get this blog up and running again: well…..I’m working on it.

Now that it’s summer and things are steady again, I finally have the time to get back to posting. We’ve got a lot to talk about too, the HIMYM finale (still not cooled down about that one), a few new Marvel movies, Supernatural and Arrow had great season finales. Basically, this spring was a good one when it came to TV. I’m so happy to be back with you guys! Keep and eye out!



Top Five Marvel Movie Heroes

In lieu of Thor: The Dark World’s release US release this Friday, this Tuesday Top Five is dedicated to the greatness that is the Marvel Heroes. They’re all important parts of a whole. Each character brings something important to team, but let’s see which individuals make the countdown. Continue reading