The Tomorrow People – Pilot Re-cap and Review


The CW has been advertising their new show, The Tomorrow People, almost everywhere in these past few weeks leading up to it’s premier. To be completely honest, I didn’t really have any clue what it was even about. But after the first episode aired last night…yeah I still don’t really have any idea what it’s about. Doesn’t mean I don’t dig it though… Continue reading


Welcome to CW Week!

It has finally come, that wonderful week in October when some of our  favorite CW shows return. After weeks of waiting for this day it is here! So it’s only right to dedicate the week to these amazing shows and their incredible talent. Here’s a line up of what you can see this week:

Tuesday: We will be celebrating the premier of Supernatural with a special Tuesday Top Five of my all-time favorite Supernatural characters. See who makes the list and why.

Thursday: We’ll talk first impressions of CW’s newest show The Tomorrow People, starring Arrow star, Stephen Amell’s, younger cousin Robbie Amell.

Friday: To top off this wonderful week of amazing shows and super attractive boys, we will a surprise post. So you better check in to find out what it is!

Keep an eye out folks, this week is gonna rock your socks.

Happy Watching!