Top Five Favorite Bromances

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Top Five Favorite Supernatural Characters

Welcome to the first post of our first ever CW Week! And our second ever Tuesday Top Five. Here’ a countdown of my favorite Supernatural characters. This list does not include Sam, Dean or Cas. They automatically made it to the top, and that’s boring. I feel like it’s way cooler to see what the best minor characters are. So here we go!

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Top Five Favorite Shows of All Time

Welcome to the first ever Tuesday Top Five! I have a lot of TT5 ideas already (bromances, characters, episodes, etc) but since we’re all still getting to know each other here, I figured I’d keep it simple. So today, I list my top five favorite shows of all time. Now, I’m sure I’m going to slap my forhead later and remember a rather important show that should have made the list, but for now this is it. Drumroll please…here’s my favorite five shows!

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