How I Met Your Mother Ends Tomorrow: Theories

How I Met Your Mother has only two episodes left until it’s nine year run comes to an end. As we’re winding down, people the internet is abuzz with theories about how it will end. How will they meet? What’s her name? What will the final episode be like? But one question that doesn’t seem to be as important in many people’s mind is one that  I’ve recently learned is pretty important: Why is Ted telling this story? I had never thought of that. It can’t just be because he wants his kids to know. Forcing them to sit on a couch for ten years is a little much for a random origin story. But it’s this question that we have to keep in mind when thinking about how the story will end, and what think is the reason he’s telling it.

Now, these theories are purely speculation, and I have in no way heard that any of these are actually fact. But it will be interesting to see if they are, because I think it will end the show with a bang, and give it the strong ending it deserves. Continue reading


Daniel Sharman the Third Cast Member to Leave Teen Wolf


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After the shocking death of Allison, and the death of Aiden in last night’s finale, E! Online reported today that along with his co-stars, Crystal Reed and Max Carver, Daniel Sharman will also not be returning for season 4 of Teen Wolf. In an interview with executive producer, Jeff Davis, E! explains that Sharman was ready to move on, and to try something new.

Luckily for us, Sharman asked producers that Isaac’s character not be killed off. In fact, (spoiler warning here!), after walking out the door together at the end of the finale, the story goes that he and Argent travel to France to get away from the looming memory of Allison’s death. However, in the interview, Davis made it a point to say that Argent will be back for season 4.

We sure are going to miss Isaac. While he wasn’t a main character really, he was one of my favorites.

You can find the full E! Online article here.

Tragic Death Strikes in This Week’s Teen Wolf


The promos for MTV’s “Teen Wolf” have been hinting toward a death for a few weeks now, but I don’t think anybody expected it to be one of the main characters. Warning, there are obviously spoilers beyond this point. So if you don’t wanna know who dies I strongly recommend skipping over this post.

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Psych Announces Its Final Episodes


Following their win on our Tuesday Top Five’ favorite bromances, we got some sad news involving the futures of Shawn Spencer and Burton Guster. The most shocking part about last nights episode of “Psych” wasn’t Gus quitting his job, or the death of the Blueberry, but rather the knowledge of the show’s future fans were forced to watch with. Continue reading

Goodbye, Matt Smith


“We all change. When you think about it, we’re all different people all through our lives, and that’s okay, that’s good, you’ve got to keep moving, so long as you remember all the people that you used to be. I will not forget one line of this. Not one day. I swear.”                                                     – The Doctor Continue reading

Psych Pulls Off A Wonderful Musical Special


Have yourself a very psychic Christmas. Following closely behind the Doctor Who Christmas Special, “Psych The Musical” has held the number spot on the December specials I’m excited for list for a while. Keep in mind, I’ve only been a fan for a few months now. But I feel like I’ve been watching it for years. I got through all six seasons they had on Netflix fairly quickly because of how entertaining and addictive the relationships were. And with its silliness and the adorable pokes at themselves, “Psych: the Musical” was well worth the wait. Continue reading

The Day is Finally Here!

Happy 50th everyone! So sadly, I do not get BBC America here at school, and I was working all day anyway. So while there will most definitely be a review for the Day of the Doctor, it’s going to be a few days late. Tuesday night it should be up! If not then it will be Wednesday morning. And hopefully it was as amazing as I picture in my head.

Not to try to stay away from Tumblr for a few days. Wish me luck…